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Service Times

Sunday Sunday Worship  10:30 AM

Monday thur Friday Noonday Prayer 12:00 PM

Tuesday  Bible Study 7:00 PM

Saturday Men’s Prayer  5:00 PM

Saturday Women’s Prayer 6:00 PM

Agape Church Of Jesus Christ     Pastor Larry Gibbons and First Lady Janice Gibbons      1102 Love Street    Savannah, Georgia 31415      Phone: 912-236-8404     E-Mail: info@acojc.com

Pastor Larry Gibbons & First lady Janice Gibbons

Agape Church of Jesus Christ

1102 Love Street, Savannah, GA 31415

Phone: 912-236-8404  E-Mail: info@acojc.com


Agape Church Of Jesus Christ


God’s Machine

 Bread of Life

Living Water

                                                              Bible   Texts

                                                      Exodus                 15:26

                                                      Exodus                 23:25,26

                                                      Deuteronomy       7:14,15

                                                      Psalm                    103: 1-4

                                                      Psalm                    105: 37

                                                      Psalm                    107: 1-3 ,20

                                                      Proverb                4: 20-23

                                                      Jeremiah              17:14

                                                      Isaiah                   53: 3-5,10,11

                                                      Matthew               8: 17

                                                      Galatians              3: 13,14

                                                      James                    5:13-16

                                                      1 Peter                  2: 24


Ä Meditate on the Scripture; Day and Night (in the morning and at night)

Ä During the day listen to the Word of God.

Ä Healing is my Covenant {Say it out loud Healing belong to Me it’s mine Now!!!

Ä I believe I receive Healing from… {Whatever it may be} Now!!!

Faith Confessions


Christ has redeemed me from the curse of the law, Therefore, I forbid any sickness or disease to come upon my body.  Every disease, germ, and every virus that touches my body dies instantly in the name of Jesus.  Every organ and every tissue of my body functions in the perfection to which God has created it to function. I forbid any malfunction in this body in the name of Jesus.


I don’t desire to eat so much that I become overweight, fatigue, and depressed.  I present my body to God this day.  My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, which dwells in me.  I am not my own.  I was bought with a price, therefore in the name of Jesus, I refuse to overeat. I watch the types of food, the amounts of food my body intake daily.  I speak to my body, I say body settle down in the name of Jesus, and conform to the Word of God.  I mortify the deeds of this body and command it to come in line with the Word of God, in the name of Jesus.

Stress And Discomfort

I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. The Lord is my strength and the strength of my life.  I let the peace of God rule in my heart and I refuse to worry about anything.

No man shall take me out of his hand for I have eternal life. No evil will befall me: either shall any plague come near my dwelling.  For the Lord has given His angels charge over me to keep me in all my ways and the pathway there is life and not death.



The Lord has pleasure in the prosperity of his servants, and Abraham’s blessings are mine.  There is no lack in my life for God supplies all my needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus.  I sow bountiful, therefore I reap bountiful blessings.  I am a giver; therefore it is given back to me good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.  For poverty he has given me wealth; for sickness he has given me health; and for death he has given me eternal life.

I believe I will have what I say, When I say what I have.

Faith Confessions for a Man of Honor

I am a Man of High Integrity.

I am a King.

I am a Prophet.

I am a Priest.

I am the Righteousness of God.

I have the Love of God abiding in me.

I am a Man of Excellence and Intelligence.

I walk in the Wisdom of God.

I have the Favor of God.

I am prompt, diligent, and dedicated to the will of God.

I am more than a conqueror.

I am a millionaire.

I am rich on the inside, therefore it manifest on the outside.

I am always the head and not the tail.

I am above only and never beneath.

I shall lend and not borrow.

Wealth and Riches shall be in my house.

My House is Blessed.

My seed is blessed and my finances are blessed.

I am not satisfied with mediocre.

I will prosper above all things.

The Word of God has prepared me for the future.

I am married to a Virtuous Woman, and she will do me Good all the days of my life.

I am Rare.

I am God’s Man.

Faith Confessions for a Virtuous Woman

Father God in the name of Jesus I thank you now that:

I am capable

I am intelligent

I am virtuous

I am highly favored

I am priceless

I am trustworthy

I am a woman of wisdom

I am a woman of great skills and ability

I am an entrepreneur

I am prompt

I am diligent

 I am duty-conscience

I am willing to work long hours, not harder but smarter

I am not satisfied with mediocre

I am not swayed by circumstances

I am wise and kind

I am called blessed by my family

I am wealthy

I am prepared for the future

I am married to a leader

I am rare

I am submissive

I am anointed and appointed