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Sunday Sunday Worship  10:30 AM

Monday thur Friday Noonday Prayer 12:00 PM

Tuesday  Bible Study 7:00 PM

Saturday Men’s Prayer  5:00 PM

Saturday Women’s Prayer 6:00 PM

Agape Church Of Jesus Christ     Pastor Larry Gibbons and First Lady Janice Gibbons      1102 Love Street    Savannah, Georgia 31415      Phone: 912-236-8404     E-Mail: info@acojc.com

Pastor Larry Gibbons & First lady Janice Gibbons

Agape Church of Jesus Christ

1102 Love Street, Savannah, GA 31415

Phone: 912-236-8404  E-Mail: info@acojc.com


Agape Church Of Jesus Christ

     Covenant partnerships continually hold, strengthen, and support the ministry of the gospel.

   Here at Larry Gibbons Ministry, partnering with LGM and allowing us to sow God’s anointed word into your life, the same power and anointing that has come on this ministry will come on you. You will experience boldness to witness, promotions, supernatural increase, divine favor, divine healing, miracles, and salvation for your love ones. These are some of the benefits that belong to the Sons of God.

  When you become partners with a ministry that believes this, you become partakers of this grace!

       According to Scotts Foreman dictionary, "A partner is two or more persons who shares in the joint interest, association, and profit of the business."

      Partnership is a covenant relationship. It is a bond that ties our ministry to individuals who share our love in spreading the word of God.

How To Become A Faith Partner

Partnership is a covenant relationship. As you share your heart, prayers and resources in partnering with us, we will pray and believe that you will partake of the same revelation and anointing that is on this ministry. We pray and ask God for partners that will be committed and help us fulfill what our Lord Jesus has commissioned us to do in these last days.

If you have been blessed, strengthen, or encouraged by this ministry teachings, we asked that you prayerfully consider becoming a faith partner with us. Together we can take this Gospel of the Kingdom to the world.


 Here at LGM, our part is to study and impart the wisdom of

God’s word through media such as radio, television, internet, speaking engagements, and crusades. We also pray for you daily as a LGM partner that the blessings will continue to overtake you. We will inform you by letters with encouraging words from God on a continuous basis.

Your part is to pray for us on a continuous basis.

Pray for the ministry and speak only faith fill words about the Pastor, his family, and the ministry.

Support the ministry in meetings and other speaking engagements.

Support the ministry with a monthly seed as the Lord directs you.

Becoming a partner is easy. Simply fill out this secured online form and click submit. Once we receive your information, we will send you a faith package that will include a letter from LGM.

Activate Your Partnership